Merge Capabilities to Get the Results You Want

  • Selection of house names from marketing warehouse if applicable.

  • Rental and other outside list conversion and processing.

  • USPS CASS and NCOA processing of all records. BHD is a USPS certified software developer for the latest cycle “O” DPV/CASS/NCOALink products and is a certified USPS Limited Service Provider using our software.

  • Merge/Purge. Identify duplicates at individual, household, address, and business, or any combination between individual lists.

  • Extensive merge statistics reporting and customer reporting as requested.

  • Back end processing including key coding, rekeying, quantity nths, mail versions, test panels, defined survivors, reactivation of owned names, and other.

  • Mail file creation and shipment to printers and other requested deliverables for end product users.

  • Multi buyer maintenance.

  • Mail history maintenance.

  • Coordination and scheduling with modelers, database vendors, and printers.

  • Match back reporting either in conjunction with a database or based from client order information that is supplied specifically for match back.

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